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Our Services

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Regular & Adhoc Weekdays

​It’s a well-known fact that dogs just want to have fun. And we’re here to make that happen. We keep your dog stimulated with a long run in the park opposite, plenty of time for cuddles, enrichment games and naps in between. Our centre has been purposely designed as a place for play, so your pup has a chance to socialise and do doggy things with their friends!​

from £195/month

Social Saturdays

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Saturday is the perfect day to introduce your pup to daycare life and their new fur friends! With a smaller group of dogs than the weekdays our team can ensure your pup is going at their own pace whilst creating a positive association with socialisation! We host trials for our new dogs on Saturday mornings.

from £42/day


Steady Sundays

Aimed at rescues and nervous or anxious dogs our Sundays are ideal for pups that need a more calm environment, yet still a safe and fun space. We are here to help your dog feel at ease while they slowly build their confidence. Shorter bursts of half days are also encouraged to ensure your pup is never feeling overwhelmed.

from £30/day

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Late night daycare for those days where you need to stay in the office late or just want to go out and let your hair down, all while your dog can let their fur down! Either offered as a long day including Friday or Saturday care or separately as evening care only.

from £25/day

Date Night Evenings