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​It’s a well-known fact that dogs just want to have fun. And we’re here to make that happen. We keep your dog stimulated with a long run in the park opposite, plenty of time for cuddles, enrichment games and naps in between. Our centre has been purposely designed as a place for play, so your pup has a chance to socialise and do doggy things with their friends!

from £33



Reward-based training for dogs of all sizes, breeds, ages and temperaments, focussing on building trust and confidence. My overall goal is to strengthen the relationship between a dog and its owners through positive reinforcement and choice-based training. 

from £55 


Socialise for Puppies

Our sensory and socilisise puppy sessions focus on positive interactions with other pups through play and exploring
new sensory experiences each week:

  • Max 6 puppies a session

  • Pups under 6 months 

  • Run by experienced and qualified trainer 

from £37.50 a session


For rescues and nervous dogs, there may be aspects of the human world that they have already developed a negative and stress-inducing association with. To help change their association with stimuli that provoke a fearful reaction, we can use counter-conditioning training. This involves repeatedly pairing a trigger with something rewarding to counter-condition a dog’s emotional response from a negative to a positive one. 

Social and sensory for rescue and nervous dogs