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Being a Paws Trainee in Lockdown!

"Whilst Paws & Pause have been closed due to current lockdown guidelines, Grace & Jodie are still working on developing the business and have made sure to include the volunteers. They have offered us the opportunity to assist on current projects and have set up weekly Zoom meetings to catch up on how everyone is doing. The weekly discussions usually involve some corona chat, DIY and Couch 2 5k updates as well as how we are getting on with individual Paws & Pause projects, we value each others feedback and discuss ways in which to progress.

Since starting with Paws & Pause, in October last year, I have completed my Dog First Aid training,  developed profile sheets for all our canine clients and delivered the first newsletter. Recently, I began training to become a mentor and started to work with one of my fellow volunteers; peer mentoring is a great way to engage volunteers as we can share and use our experiences to relate to each other. Unfortunately this is currently on hold but during lockdown I have been able to work remotely on developing the volunteer handbook which will help structure the volunteer placements to support them in discovering their potential, developing personal & professional skills, as well as establishing and working towards future goals!

Whilst I have been out of employment for the last few years, I have learnt to manage my mental health and built my confidence as a volunteer. I have gained many skills which Paws & Pause have been an instrumental part in helping me to realise and apply them to a work environment and I am looking forward to developing a career and help others discover what they are capable of and achieve their ambitions."

Jo - Paws & Pause Trainee

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