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Welcome to the Paws & Pause blog!

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hello from Pause and Paws, Jo here! I will be delivering you the first Newsletter from Paws & Pause with what we've been up to, upcoming events and some local dogspiration.

(Trainee Jo enjoying some cuddles!)

Some of you may have caught my brief introduction on our Instagram page but if you didn’t here's a short introduction about me.

“I am a big lover of all animals and regularly volunteer at Vauxhall city farm where I spend most my day being used as a scratching post for the goats. And I was lucky enough to be able to adopt one of the sheep as my own for my birthday this year. I am very excited about starting at Paws & Pause and getting to spend all day snuggling with dogs... and assisting Grace and Jodie with the business.”

I will be delivering you the first Newsletter from Paws & Pause with what we've been up to, upcoming events and some local dogspiration!

Grace and Jodie are the founders of Paws & Pause dog day care in South London, a socially responsible option for dog owner's...

'We offer high quality day care that also supports the local community, offering training placements to people who want to improve their employabilty skills and confidence'

(Grace, Jodie and Paws regular Ted)

Since the launch back in August Paws & Pause have welcomed a growing number of four legged clients from the big to the small and the furry. It is lovely being at day care and watching dogs be dogs; playing, running and sleeping!!

Painting with Dogs Event

Paws & Pause have also enjoyed working with Portrait Pals to host 'Painting with Dogs!' an evening of pups, paint and prosecco. Participants had the chance to practice their life drawing skills with live dog models whilst enjoying some puppy snuggles.

"The best google search I ever did' (Painting with Dogs participant)

Dog enrichment 

Want your dogs as tired as these guys?

Why not try one of our dog enrichment ideas...

Muffin tin Hide and Seek...

1. Get a muffin tin.

2. Place dog treats in the in dents.

3. Place tennis balls on top of the treats. 

4. Watch your pooch try and retrieve them using their nose and paws!

(Picture from The Dogs Trust)

Scent games:

1. Get your dog to wait in another room and let them smell the toy you're about to hide.

2. Hide their favourite toy in the room when first starting

3. Let dog in using command 'Find it'

We find that using some yummy smelly treats in the toy and then letting the dog smell the same treat before finding works well to if you're just starting off!

Local Events:

.....why not check out these local dog friendly events:

Spend some quality time with your dog at The Exhibit dog-friendly cinema nights: https://thelondog.com/london-dog-events/puppy-love-cinema-dog-friendly-screening-love-actually/

Or do something for you and your dogs' mind & body with some dog yoga:


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