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Mini Interview with Volunteer Paul!

Why did you want to Volunteer with Paws & Pause?

I live on my own and had my dog for 11 years and was with him every day and every night, so it was a big shock when he went to doggie heaven 18 months ago. I volunteered to prove to myself that I could be around dogs again and i love spending time with them as it helps make me feel good!

Tell us about what an average day is like while you’re volunteering:

I've attended Paws & Pause a few times times now before lockdown and everyday I've attended the weather has been really terrible! It has rained every day but as I've been a dog owner I know the dogs have to go for a nice long walk in all weather so I don't mind getting wet as I love being around the dogs! When i’m there I do the feeding when the dogs come back from their walk, then after dinner it's playtime and usually time for grooming and more games!

How has volunteering with us impacted you? What have you learnt etc

Since volunteering a lot of my negative thoughts have got less . Before I started with Paws & Pause I would think about my dog all day which I believe was negative for my mental health. Being around all the dogs has helped me, I look forward so much to spending a day with the dogs and don't think about anything else when i'm there, just how to keep the dogs happy and make sure they have fun!

What are your hopes and plans for the future

I would like to work with dogs in the future, continue with my gardening and wood work and be in good health!

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