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Paws and Pause Customer survey Results

How satisfied are you with Paws & Pause as a doggy day care? (5=Very satisfied)

  • 75% answered 5

  • 97% answered 4 or 5

On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend Paws & Pause to a friend or colleague?

  • 65% answered 10

  • 92.5% answered 8 or above

Below are some of the many lovely comments that came from the survey. Thank you so much as it means the world to us to hear how much your dog’s enjoy coming.

  • Thank you for all that you do, our doggo loves to come and play and has gained confidence and social skills with you. We love it when you give us feedback on how he’s doing, and we love seeing what they get up to over Instagram. Thanks so much for everything.

  • Feel very lucky that my pup has a spot! He really enjoys going, and I know he’s looked after well when he is there! I love being able to see what he’s up to on Instagram too!

  • It’s a scary thing to leave your dog with someone but you make us feel super comfortable, it’s clear that your team LOVE dogs and our pup has the best time.

  • X really enjoys her time with you and we know that she’s well looked after. Your knowledge has helped us with our first experience of dog ownership too!

  • Because my dog was so happy after having spent time with you, I even recommend you guys to complete strangers I chat to.

  • I trust you 100% to look after our dog and do your part in teaching him how to be a great pup.

  • Great social enterprise model. love watching the instagram videos and he comes back very happy.

  • X absolutely loves it - I enjoy having the Instagram updates throughout the day. I like that they don’t have to travel far but still have an outside area to run around

  • We were really impressed by the love and attention given to our pup!

  • X seems to have an amazing time when there, I can see what he’s up to and literally drags me to the door on a Thursday AM. That’s good enough for me :)

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