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Spring Newsletter from trainee Joe!

Greetings from Paws & Pause. We trust you are well and looking forward to those signs of Spring which we are seeing more and more when we take our long works with the Paws & Pause gang. Not long now, and we will be walking our dogs in the warmth and sunshine! Firstly a bit about me:

'My name is Joe and I have been volunteering for Paws & Pause for a number of weeks now. It is the perfect environment for me as I love dogs and often look after my friends' pets. I enjoy watching and interacting with the dogs in our play area and during our twice daily long walks. Not only is that a great time for our dogs to exercise it also gives me a chance to get active and to clear my mind.

Enjoy our update on what we've been up to, upcoming events and some top tips for your pooch from our South London Daycare!

A Dog's Life - a walking favourite!

Paws & Pause dogs enjoy two fun walks each day. One of their best destinations is Ruskin Park, about 15 minutes from HQ.

Ruskin Park is a large 36 acre Edwardian green space, perfect for dog walking and making new dog friends. It is named after the poet and nature lover John Ruskin and was opened on the 2nd February 1907. Not only has it seen many a dog pass through its gates, it was once a training ground for First World Soldiers! Paws & Pause will be keeping the dogs fit here too everyday.

Fantastic News!

We are pleased to announce that Paws & Pause has been awarded a four star higher rating by the London Borough of Lambeth. This is the highest rating a new business can achieve so we are very proud of this recognition. Along with your dog being tired after a full day of walks and play, you can now be even more confident that your dog is in very capable hands

Dog enrichment 

Walks are great, but in addition to this there is great value in challenging your dog mentally too. Mental games, like for us human beings can equally tire your dog out. Ever heard of a snuffle matt? This is a great way to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated. The mat is often made of an array of material to create a grass like effect. Treats are hidden in the mat and your dog spends time searching them out. It's such a fun game they'll be there for hours, working their brain and nose. There are many snuffle mats on the market. Prices range from £10 up to £20. It will provide hours of fun for your dog. Indeed a worthy investment.

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