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Volunteer Blog from Shanice.

We currently have several trainees on our volunteer placement who benefit from the therapeutic benefit of the dogs to build their confidence and work with a mentor to set and achieve their goals. One of our long-standing trainees, Shanice, has shown great personal development since December when she started. She is a proactive and ambitious individual who is great at occupying the dogs, grooming them and generally enriching their day. Here’s a bit from Shanice herself….

Why did you to Volunteer with Paws and Pause?

To get more experience and get a full time job, with animals and getting to know more about each dog.

Tell us about what an average day is like while you’re volunteering:

The best part of my morning is walking the dogs and feeding them, setting up the equipment and enrichment (enrichment) activities.

What do you enjoy about being a volunteer at Paws and Pause?

Getting to know new people and members of staff, also like grooming the dogs and setting up activities. I have a new favourite dog each week

How has volunteering with us impacted you? What have you learnt ect.

I have learnt putting on a lead on dogs also leading the dogs outside. I now have more confidence.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

Get a full time job with animals, get a new house of my own and a pet

We love having Shanice as part of the team and are looking to take on more trainees, do email us at jo.watson@pawsandpause.co.uk if you are interested!4

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