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Social and Sensory Sessions for Rescues and Nervous Dogs

Paws and Pause, with our highly skilled dog trainer, Iona, have specially designed a one-of-its-kind socialisation course for rescues and nervous dogs.
Confidence building
Socialisation (with other dogs, humans, and sensory stimuli)
Desensitisation and counter-conditioning training
Stress-reduction techniques
Trust building exercises 


Why Social and Sensory?
Socialisation is about exposing and ‘desensitising’ your dog to the kaleidoscope of sensory stimuli in our human world in a positive and rewarding context. Desensitisation works by repeatedly exposing a dog to the lowest level of a stimulus so that they don’t elicit a reaction to it, and then very gradually increasing the intensity of the stimulus so that the dog is comfortable and calm at each stage.
For rescues and nervous dogs, there may be aspects of the human world that they have already developed a negative and stress-inducing association with. To help change their association with stimuli that provoke a fearful reaction, we can use counter-conditioning training. This involves repeatedly pairing a trigger with something rewarding to counter-condition a dog’s emotional response from a negative to a positive one. 
What happens during the sessions? 
Our Social and Sensory Sessions have been designed to help rescues and nervous dogs build new, positive and rewarding associations with a range of sensory stimuli (e.g. sights, sounds, touch). 

Each session will focus on a different sense and we will expose the dogs to a variety of stimuli in a safe and controlled environment. We will make sure that each dog’s experience is positive and rewarding, with enrichment, confidence building, stress-reduction and trust-building activities to help each dog build positive associations with the sensory exposure.

The Important bits:

  • Suitable for  Rescue dogs and Nervous dogs. Not suitable for reactive dogs or dogs that display agression to other dogs. 

  • 4 sessions of 1.5 hours usually on a Monday weekday evening 

  • Only 6 dogs per block of sessions (you must commit to all sessions).

  • Supervised by 2 staff at all times; Iona our qualified and experienced dog trainer, and another experienced member of staff.

  • Sadly these sessions aren't designed for owners to attend but you'll get feedback, video updates and a report at the end of the session!

  • We have Covid Secure handover procedures which you will be emailed upon registration

  • Cost: £150 for the 4 weeks

  • We will add you to ‘close friends’ on Instagram for pupdates during the sessions!

​Interested? ​

Email us hello@pawsandpause.co.uk with 'Sensory sessions' in the subject line along with the age and breed of your pup and  give a summary of the 'nervous' traits or any particular 'triggers' (sights, sounds, textures/touch, smells, or situations)?