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"Dogs are my absolute passion. I have grown up with and around dogs from a young age, and I have experience of handling all breeds and sizes, from dachshunds to mastiffs, I am passionate about them all! As an experienced dog sitter, boarder and walker, you can be confident that your pet is in good hands.
I love the work that I do, and I am very proud to provide support to people who are struggling with anxiety, depression and related issues through canine therapy-based training and care. For me, dogs have always loved me unconditionally and simply make me feel better when I am around them, leaving little room to worry about what else might be playing on my mind, which is why I strongly feel that dogs can create a positive environment to learn and grow and try new things. Since 2013 I have worked with adults within the homelessness, mental health and addiction field and I have built up a vast array of experience, ranging from running a Mentoring programme, creating a ‘Business Start-Up’ project and most recently coordinating a Recovery programme in partnership with an NHS trust alongside Grace"



I love Paws and Pause and everything we stand for. I can't believe how lucky I am to see all those excited little pup faces every morning! Every day is fun, filled with cuddles and so much love from the pups and the team!

Since 2015  I have been working supporting people in long term unemployment to find sustainable work. I have experience in supporting people in recovery from mental health, substance use and homelessness. I am at my most happy empowering people and also when with a dog. At Paws & Pause I get to combine both!"


Trainee Volunteer coordinator 

Since starting with Paws & Pause, in October last year, I have completed my Dog First Aid training,  developed profile sheets for all our canine clients and delivered the first newsletter. Recently, I began training to become a mentor and started to work with one of my fellow volunteers; peer mentoring is a great way to engage volunteers as we can share and use our experiences to relate to each other. Unfortunately this is currently on hold but during lockdown I have been able to work remotely on developing the volunteer handbook which will help structure the volunteer placements to support them in discovering their potential, developing personal & professional skills, as well as establishing and working towards future goals!

Whilst I have been out of employment for the last few years, I have learnt to manage my mental health and built my confidence as a volunteer. I have gained many skills which Paws & Pause have been an instrumental part in helping me to realise and apply them to a work environment and I am looking forward to developing a career and help others discover what they are capable of and achieve their ambitions."




Dog trainer and day care assistant

I am an experienced dog trainer and carer with a genuine affinity for all dogs - no matter the size, age, breed or temperament. I have always lived with dogs and surrounded myself with them from a young age. I truly believe that they are the best form of therapy due to the quality of their companionship and emotional support, which makes the quality of their care really important. 


I have experience working with clients and their dogs with a range of problem behaviours, such as poor recall, separation anxiety, barking, begging, digging, possessiveness, social difficulties and aggression. I also have knowledge and experience in crate training, house training, lead training, obedience training and clicker training, as well as more advanced training such as desensitisation and counter-conditioning. I also help clients with puppy training and helping dogs settle in to a new home environment. I work collaboratively with clients to meet not only the dog's needs, but the needs of the owner’s too, creating tailored training plans in accordance with individual needs. 


As well as training experience, I have a Diploma in Dog Behaviour and Training and understand the theory behind behaviour, training methods and practice. My approach is based on contemporary, reward-based theory as I firmly believe this is the most effective way to build a mutually beneficial relationship between a dog and their owner.  


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