A Day In The Daycare

What do the dogs get up to?

Get an insight into a dog's regular day at Paws & Pause, see their routine and what they get up to with their fur friends.

A group of Dogs looking at the camera


All of the dogs start to slowly arrive between 8am and 10am. They get greeted by the Gate by one of our Staff and we make sure to have a small catch up with their Pawrents to see how they have been doing and if there is anything important that we should know about.

Two Boston Terriers next to each other

Drop Offs & Greetings

This is a time of great excitement where the dogs greet and explore each other and establish their place in the pack for the day! Generally there will be lots of well balanced playing and some running around.

A Labrador and a Vizsla playing outside

Late Morning

As soon as all of the dogs have arrived and had plenty of time to settle in and greet each other, we take them outside and make sure they get some exercise and have lots of space to run around.

A group of dogs exploring the outside at dog daycare

1st Outside Time

This is the time to work off some of that morning excitement and energy which leaves the dogs feeling much more calm and comfortable.

Multiple dogs engaging in enrichment


After we take them back inside from their first time out, the dogs know that it is time for Enrichment and will happily watch and wait while it is being prepared. They get to use their senses and sniff out treats. This is a very healthy way to satisfy some of their natural instincts and needs.

A Dachshund chewing the edge of a yellow cardboard box

Lunch & Enrichment

Some of the dogs will have brought their own lunches into daycare. This will be given to them in a separate quiet area so they can safely enjoy their yummy homemade meal!

Dogs playing outside and lying in the shade

Early Afternoon

Halfway through the day the dogs get to go outside again. The second time is usually a lot calmer as the dogs have already spent a lot of their energy playing and running beforehand.

Three dogs on colourful play tyres, smiling at the camera

2nd Outside Time

This time will usually be spent leisurely exploring the outdoors, sniffing lots and lounging in the sun or shade. 

A Whippet lying outside in a dog bed with it's eyes half closed

Late Afternoon

Before the end of the day everyone tends to quiet down and finds the most comfortable spot to settle down and rest. We encourage the dogs to have a nap around this time as they have been playing and running all day.

Two dogs sleeping on a couch and a small dog lying on the back of the couch above them

Naps & Pick Ups

Eventually the dogs will begin being picked up by their Pawrents. A member of our staff will give feedback on how their dog's day has been and then it's time to head on home.

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