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Social Impact

Learn more about how Paws & Pause is making a change to your local community

Paws & Pause is a social enterprise dog daycare centre, established in 2019, which offers Trainee Placements to people who are unemployed with experience of mental ill health an substance use, to gain confidence for a return to work.

Key Stats from our Social Impact Report 2022


Completed Trainee Placements


Days of Placement


Hours of Placement


Attendance Rate


Workshops delivered


Team Socials


Mentoring Sessions

Our Mission, Vision & Values


People living with mental ill health and substance misuse addictions to have access to a choice of employment and training support in an environment that works for them.


Combining recovery with personal development, improved wellbeing and canine care. To be a leader in social enterprise dog daycare and dog care initiatives.


To provide a premium dog day care service that focuses on fun and trust.

To provide training and employment opportunities in a therapeutic and dog based workplace to support people into their next steps of work or further education or self employment.


Fun - We believe in creating a fun environment for dogs, staff and trainees!

Safe & Supportive - a safe place for dogs and our trainees to learn.

Community - we care about being local and the impact we have on our community

Innovative - Our approach to a new kind of city-daycare and our approach to employability is breaking the mould.

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to have a team which is actively inclusive and values how a diverse workforce strengthens a team.


We aim to create an inclusive working environment where individuals are celebrated and we can also create and support opportunities for those who may not be in a position to usually start careers in the pet care industry.


Provide a caring and loving environment for the dogs

Ensure the highest safety and welfare standards for dogs

▸ Engage with people with Mental Health and Substance Misuse difficulties

Provide routine, confidence transferrable skills for volunteers

Reduce unemployment in those living with mental illness


of people with mental ill health would like to work, but only


are in paid employment. For people with severe mental ill health, this falls to 7%.

Getting back into employment increases the likelihood of reporting improved health (from poor to good) almost threefold, and boosts quality of life almost twofold.

Trainee Demographics

What the starting point is like for our Trainees

a pie chart diagram. It says 60% of trainees are in recovery from substance use
a pie chart diagram. It says 83% of trainees struggle with managing setbacks and resilience

"I felt like I'd always be on benefits

and couldn't see how I could manage getting back to work, but now I see a future and I'm starting a part time job after being here for 3 months!"

"Starting this was massive for me.

I was really really anxious about even traveling there."

a pie chart. It says 67% of trainees had nothing positive planned the week before their placement

"Before I started here I struggled to have faith in anything I did and found it hard to interact with others,

but the team has always supported me and accepted me which has helped me to accept myself."

a pie chart. It says 67% of trainees feel little to no confidence in themselves

"This opportunity helped me regain the sense of structure in my life,

as well as a sense of responsibility and connection, which came from working in a team and being trusted with day care tasks."

a pie chart. It says 40% of trainees have an offending history

Employability Model

The Why, What and How of 'Feeling' Employable

Our programme combines hands on experience in our doggy day care, with mentoring and a place to understand how to get back to work. We develop skills such as personal training budget and practice the practicality of being in a workplace – such as time keeping and organisation.

WHY do we focus on

feeling employable?