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Our Mission

We’re making London a better place one paw at a time

At Paws & Pause we are passionate about supporting people with past substance use and mental health issues through Traineeships. We create an environment where animals are the tool for learning, increase engagement in therapeutic services, act as a tool for long term recovery and also enable access to employment and further education.

Our dog day care services allow owners to choose a socially responsible brand and feel good about day care. Paws & Pause is a brand that prides itself on providing a loving, caring environment for dogs, peace of mind for the ethical owner and is supportive of its local community.

For those who find communicating with others, building relationships, being motivated and having self-worth a battle every day, Animal Assisted Activities could be the facilitator to change this.

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Amy graduated the programme and has since become an important part of the staff team

“The great thing about animals is they don’t have a preconceived notion of people,” says Dr. Henry Feldman ( Division of General Internal Medicine at Harvard-affiliated Medical Center). “They provide unconditional love, which encourages interaction and helps people feel more confident.”

From our experience of working with clients in recovery we know that animals are a real motivator to engage in an activity as animals don’t have the same preconceptions and judgements about us that people do. There is a distinct lack of opportunities for people with mental health and substance misuse needs to participate in activities with animals to support personal development through education, volunteering and learning soft skills.

Paws & Pause aims to change this and be a trailblazer in providing vulnerable communities with these opportunities.

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