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A Poem for Presley

Updated: Jan 12

A girl smiling with a basset hound

By Akera.

"Presley. Presley is a long boy and our resident Bassett hound, loves a good nap next to his

friend Billie being her comfort blanket when sometimes she needs a friend.

He loves resting his head on the armrest of a sofa or slightly on top of his friend to make sure she is kept warm whilst also being kept warm by the overhead heater.

Or, even a nap next to Shancy, getting all the attention and cuddles he needs to complete his day.

He loves a good playtime running around chasing his best friend Delia, who always finds a way to make her friend forgets naptime to play.

Or, hunting for hidden treats in the paddock alongside his other doggie day care pals using his snooter to find every single piece left behind. Playing zoomies with Delia and Bonnie, catching a ball with Milo or Enya. Catching the treats as we prepare enrichment or getting a good brush down that he allows us to do willingly with glee.

A basset hound seeping on a dalmatian dog

Presley also enjoys, sorry LOVES, a good treat be it cheese, insect powered treats,

scrumbles, chews, chicken slices, cottage cheese, quinoa, spinach, carrots, or even having a good old sniff of your coat, jumper, trousers or t-shirt.

He enjoys exceeding expectations of his Basset physique, reaching his long body on the sofas (with the use of a ramp!) get even just a little nimbles of scraps of anything left behind.

When Presley requires attention he will lay his head against your back, on your hand, sniff

your hair, and breathe out in exasperation that you haven’t noticed that he needs some

scritches or a good head scratch, or butt scritches."

It's safe to say that Presley has a special place in Akera's heart....



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