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"Being at Paws and Pause has been a dream come true" by Akera.

Updated: Jan 12

Being at Paws and Pause has been a dream come true, ever since I was a little girl I have

been fascinated by dogs. The way dogs interact, the way dogs play, the way dogs express

themselves was always such a major interest and love to me.

a girl and a black labrador at doggy daycare

Finally because of Paws and Pause I was able to get one step closer to something I knew would bring me calm and peace beyond my wildest expectations. Being able to put knowledge and experience together through synchronicity has been overwhelmingly enjoyable. Learning each different, varied and unique personality of the dogs has been comforting and nothing comes close to the

loyalty and devotion of a dog.

The Tuesday dogs I volunteer with have made me feel so at ease that I always look forward to coming in and the welcoming I get from them always makes me float on air on the way home.

My passion for dogs has always been my guiding stone in every decision I’ve made thus far, always in the back burner of my mind is a thought of dogs and since I’ve started at Paws and Pause I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to dogs that have made work easy.

Paws and Pause has taught me that In order for me to be able to be there for people, which I

so love doing, I have to put myself first on many occasions for me to be able to help others.

a young woman smiling brightly while a small white dog licks her face

After years of pleasing people and being at the mercy of my mental health I have my life back in my own hands. It's not an easy feat to do but with the support and guidance from Paws and Pause the dog is the limit and nothing limits a dog from enjoying life. I have loved every minute of being with Paws and Pause.

I have enjoyed watching shy dogs come out of their shells, barky dogs calm down and learn to play, puppies learning how to socialise with dogs of different ages and breeds, how dogs interact with different animals and how dogs snore just like humans.

Before Paws I’d had dogs yes but never really in depth saw how dogs react to other dogs for long periods of time. Dogs to me are a wonderful species to work with and enjoy being around. I feel as though I have found my life’s purpose and things finally make sense for me why working in different places with people didn't or couldn't work for me. Dogs are far more interesting, quirky and peaceful to be around even the dogs that do bark on occasion.



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