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How to stalk your dog (with help from Furbo)

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Furbo recently reached out to us and asked us to review their dog cameraa 360-degree rotating camera, which connects to an app where you can monitor, talk to and throw treats at your dog. They gifted us one for free in return for an honest review!

To sum it up it's like a mix between having your own personalised "Secret Life of Puppies" crossed with the weird channel which used to allow you to watch the Big Brother contestants sleeping….. You will become a creepy dog stalker…. but in a great way.. I think.

We have a rescue dog, Elfie, who still (until Furbo) was sleeping in her crate at night and in a crate when we were out the house. With a small London flat we are really keen to ditch the crate but were worried she would be stressed without it or start chewing everything! Using Furbo, we have got Elfie away from needing a crate and we have built confidence up to her pottering about on her own. From watching on the camera we can see she is very happy and calm having the living room to herself. Which is a massive relief!

Furbo notifies you when she is barking, chewing or just generally active. You can turn off notifications so we are just alerted when she is barking, which she does rarely but means she's ready for the loo or bored! This means we can step in and head home before it escalates and she gets stressed etc. Sure, we’ve also had fun casually spying with one another and throwing treats if anyone steps into the line of fire!

High quality picture from the camera, which also automatically switches to night mode after the lights go out at bedtime which is great even if it makes her look like the devil with glowing eyes! Our tragic night-time routine is watching where she chooses to sleep once we leave her alone.

I think Furbo would be a great purchase for pup families with dogs that have separation anxiety or that struggle to sleep without a crate in order to help build that familiarity while being able to monitor the progress your pooch is making. It means you can always step in before behaviour escalates or they get stressed and can pinpoint exactly what time frame they are comfortable with.

I would like to say after a month of using it we check it less and it allows us to go to the pub and not think about Elfie… but instead we are in the pub watching a life stream of our dog and grossly swooning over every cute thing she does. We have turned into the worst people but we love it!

Here is a discount code if you want help with training, some peace of mind or to become creepy dog stalkers.

For more information and to get your own Furbo visit and don't forget our discount code which gets you 10% off!




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