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Find out how Paws & Pause is working to make positive changes

Our Trainee Programme #PressPlay, supports people to engage with dogs, pause and think

about what their future could be like, before Pressing Play on all the possibilities to come! 


We believe that the connection between dogs and humans is really powerful and can act

as a great motivator for engagement and change. Being around animals has been scientifically

proven to help with people's mental health and for those who find communicating with others,

building relationships and having self-worth difficult, our day care dogs

could be the facilitator to change this.


Learn more below about our Trainee Programme and other ways to support us or to get involved!

How To Get Involved

There are a few ways to get involved with us

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Become a part of our 6 month long Trainee Programme, aimed at people with experience of mental health or substance use issues.

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a corgi smiling at the camera

Partnerships &


We’re always looking for Grant, Corporate and referral partners to help support our work.

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a spaniel looking at the camera

Volunteering & Advisory Board

We’re currently recruiting an Advisory Board and always keen to hear from individuals with specialist skills who may want to support us!

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Case Studies

Some of our former trainees talk about how we were able to support them

*pictures are randomly chosen and not connected to the quotes beside them


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"[Paws & Pause] has helped me focus on my goals with the support to take it one step at a time – I feel I have the support structures in place to be able to manage with my new job and succeed in the workplace.


[..] I found that with the placement I was able to start to get used to what working a full day may look like as I hadn’t committed to anything structured in such a long time."

- L. graduated in Nov 20 and went on to

full time employment at a local vet practice.

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Interested in having your dog join?
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