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We’re Paws & Pause​

South London’s Social Enterprise doggy daycare.


Paws & Pause is a socially conscious doggy daycare centre. That means we combine expert-levels of dog care with a social mission, providing training opportunities to people in long-term unemployment.

Our purpose-designed centre, located near Loughborough Junction, is a place for every pup to come and play. We’re experienced in caring for dogs of all types – from labs to lurchers and everything in between – and provide our guests with a fun-packed timetable, including plenty of time for walks, games and the occasional nap.

The wellbeing of your dog is always our first priority – and our large care team ensures that your faithful friend always comes home happy at the end of the day.

We are expanding!

We are in the process of opening a new Site in Wandsworth

and we are so excited to tell you all about it!


Peace of mind 

We’re deeply committed to providing a safe, loving space for your dog. In addition to our 4* license (licence number: 20/007), our staff have qualifications in Canine Care & Behaviour and Dog First Aid. So, you can rest assured that your faithful friend is in safe hands.

Fun-packed timetable

It’s a well-known fact that dogs just want to have fun. And we’re here to make that happen. We keep your dog stimulated with a long run in the park opposite, plenty of time for cuddles, enrichment games and naps in between. Our centre has been purposely designed as a place for play, so your pup has a chance to socialise and do doggy things with their friends!

Care from canine experts

We’re a collection of life-long dog lovers. And we’re experienced in caring for every type of dog: whether you’re a terrier, retriever, spaniel or a hound, there’s a space with your name on it at Paws & Pause. Plus, our high human-to-dog ratio ensures every one of our guests gets plenty of love, fun and attention. Nobody knows a wagging tail like we do.

Support A Good Cause

At Paws & Pause, good dogs do good deeds. That’s because we’re combining canine care with a social purpose. We provide animal-based employment opportunities for people recovering from mental health issues and addiction. This means you can feel good about your choice of day care, knowing we’re looking after your pup and your community.


Give your dog a day of fun, enrichment and play time from £45 

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We also run lots of other exciting dog events, puppy groups and training that you and your dog may enjoy 

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"Well Looked After"

"Bruce loves going off to spend the day with Grace & Jodie and the other dogs at Paws & Pause. I completely trust that he is in a safe space and being well looked after. The fact that the girls and dogs are promoting positive mental health is great too."

"Comes Home Happy"

"Our French Bulldog has been looked after by Paws & Pause and he absolutely adores being there. He calms very quickly in their presence and always comes home happy after

a day there."

"Friendly & Kind"

"We love Paws & Pause. Jodie and Grace have created a fun space where dogs can play and relax, as well as going out for daily adventures in the local parks. They are friendly, kind and calm, even when our 9 month-old Staffy is

in a 'mood'."