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London's only socially responsible

Dog Daycare Centre

Who We Are

We are Grace and Jodie, the Founders of Paws & Pause,
South London’s Only Social Enterprise Doggy Daycare

Paws & Pause is a Doggy Daycare with a Social Mission. At our Sites in Peckham and Brixton, your dog will have the best time while being looked after by trained Dog Experts. Our Daycare has a structured day with a focus on breed appropriate enrichment and training, to maximise your dog's wellbeing.

By joining Paws & Pause, you are actively supporting our Social Programme which gives trainee placements as well as regular workshops and support to people with experience of mental ill health and substance use.

Why Choose Paws & Pause?

Make a difference and support your local community


PERSONALISED CARE Picture this: your pup struts into Paws and Pause like they own the place. With our 1:5 human-to-dog ratio, it's like they've got their own entourage catering to their every whim. Open 6 days a week from 7.15 to 23.00 our care fits around your busy work schedule! 

SAFE AND INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT We understand the importance of providing a safe environment for socialisation, especially for puppies, and we prioritise safety during all activities. Our commitment to inclusivity means that

we welcome dogs of all personalities, whether shy,

boisterous, or anxious, and our experienced team

love creating a supportive environment for every pup. 


STRUCTURED ENRICHMENT Our days are meticulously planned to provide a balanced and fun experience for your dog, including stimulating play sessions, educational training activities, enrichment, agility and snoozin'.

CLASSROOM CANINES Like a class at school, but with way more tail wagging and way fewer homework assignments your pooch gets to hang out with the same friendly faces each day, building bonds that'll have them barking for joy every time the school bell rings.






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